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Dallas Texas night club Brass Rail has a long rich history in the city of Dallas. Its one of the few bars located in Oak Cliff that have been around for more than 4o years. The establishment was recently taking over by new management and have recently reopen the doors. From the short video grand opening, you can tell that the party doesn’t stop over at the Rail. If your looking for a bar with a small town feel and some great music to go along with a good pour, then I would recommend hanging at the Brass Rail. It’s not your typical young crowd flocking the place hanging by the wall. The patrons all seem to have some sort of connection either by way of hanging at the Bar or maybe just life long friends who enjoy getting together at the spot. Its not uncommon for some of Dallas’ own local figures to drop in and have a round or two and chat it up with the rest of the customers. If you want to learn more about the Brass Rail visit them on Facebook.



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